It’s quite amazing to hear your own moans echoing 3-4 times through an empty valley…  It’s mating-season, baby!

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    Our love is tragedy

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    It was just like his hair, growing the way his love did for me. Every day I spent with him it kept growing longer, and more wild. And he’d never grown it out this long before, so the fact he couldn’t control it now was scary and different. Sometimes he’d be able to comb it down and keep it neat but by the end of the day it would pop up and be crazy. Not knowing how to handle it, the only thing he could think to do was shave it all off when it was getting too long, too wild. I didn’t want that, though, because I loved his long, crazy hair. I told him to just trim it, keep it neat, but he said it was all or nothing. And he chose nothing because it was easy and simple. 
    But the thing is it will keep coming back, because you can’t stop hair from growing. No matter how many times he attempts to shave it off, that crazy uncontrollable hair is still his and will always be a part of him.

    Just like me. 


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    #the cannibal life is a misunderstood life

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